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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today had a seminar where my EL seniors are presenting their thesis. starts from 8 till 1 plus? and i was so reluctant to go. Reluctant to wake up i must say.hehe... learned a lot from the seniors especially one lady called Kym who inspired me. When you got ur materials, make full use of it. Her presentation was a bit "operatic can dramatic?" i don't know what word to describe it tho... haha... I had an idea of what my thesis would be already. Well it's on my mind since i step into UTAR and good ideas keep on moving in.


I realized i had a choice. A blurred choice in life. I had a vision that both two are possible with one 65% possible and the other 30% possible. It's hard but guess i just had to play my roles properly and see how it goes. Like my other friends who made it successfully. No use planning so much now cos it might change in the future. I don't know. There are certain things in life that needs planning. For security reasons and self-motivation.


Jealousy? It is unnecessary. But i do need some good memories to keep myself alive as well. i've no right to ask for more tho since i made a mistake unerasable... :(


CNY . . . an auspicious day. I pray my family happiness and windfall on them.


There is this someone that i feared but took pity on. I cared for that person but at the same time feared that person. I wonder what will become of that person in the future. But i glad that someone can still look after that person academically. I do feel ashamed that i always avoid that person, people may hate me for that but i don't blame them for not understanding. Least i still played my role for caring tho people don't know. Just hope that God will do something for that person. Maybe i can too but well... if i have the capabilities.


Having nightmares twice in a week that affected me the whole day. But glad it didn't surface up lately. Been sleeping well these two days. ^^ Part time is tiring too having to yada yada the whole day. haha...


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