Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tired . . .

sometimes i just wonder when will i get busted...

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Im free tonight. and alone too. Coz everyone went back to their hometown and im here wondering tiredly. My hippo was busy tonight to layan me. lots of work. Hope she goes through it smoothly. It's a hell lot of stress and tiredness too.

My work has been fine. My trainer talked to me just now. He told me that tho i was weak, i have atitude to do work and continue. I felt proud :) but sad that no one to share that moment of relieve. Tried to call that someone since noon... but..

It's been rather long that i didn't write. In English particulary. Everyday i've been using bank terms. Kinda tired and i felt like a robot. Credit cards specialist. Singaporeans. LOL.

Have i been better or worse? God knows.

Tomorrow is my favourite day of the year. BON ODORI.


Hope to have some fun tomorrow ! XD

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