Good Bye.  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess i be closing this blog for now.

Don't simply have the time to write as much as i used to. Most of the time i just share with my dear dear nia. Hehe.

Enjoyed writing all this well but then im getting tired too.

Created another blog where i only share images taken with my camera. Love it. That's a passion im going to continue with.

Good bye.

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It's been a long while...  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aight another long while i didn't update my blog. Don't have the time nor the heart to write as i used to. Been jobless for a while... yes i got a job in Denise the wine shop but its not a full time ler...

In the weeks to come i am going to embark on a new journey. Well cut the crap. JOURNEY. duh =_=.

Well i was resorted to two options for my choice of work. Citibank and Salmat Salesforce. No that is not a local company but an australian thats been growing since 2 decades ago.

To cut the long story, i've chosen citibank for fear of taking risks. Not to say im a coward but i couldn't take more of it and i am... well, desperate? True that what i am going to work, the pay is gonna be way low but those ppl said 3 months later u gonna get a hang of it and earn comissions up to 3.5k. I do not know that is credible or not. The company won a Hewitt best employer before... well only once. fedex and amex won a number of times tho.

bit messed up on what i am going to say ><.

I am going to work there soon and i hope things will be more than alright and better. Good things come to those who wait and there could be a blessing in disguise. no i did not say that but some friend and elders gave me those two cents.

true to a certain extent cos i have some sort of different feel when i went to the places that i have interviewed. the motivation and energy is quite different too.

its the mid of may liaw... June to come soon and i hope things would turn well...

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Secret Garden at One Utama.  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Went to secret garden today which is opened only on weekends. Started to rain a bit later and the sun wasn't hot enough too. These are the only pics that i think are worth showing here.... rest i just put in facebook la ><

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Hola ! It's a new year.  

Another few months of my absence from blogging. It's my offday today so i better off updating while my friends nagggggggggggggggggg me to update here. No much to wrote about as usual. Not hoping that this year would be a better year but instead i hope that i can overcome the challenges easier. Nothing in life is easy. You have to have the guts go clean the mess you have. Life's like that ^^.

You gotta be tough.

No new year resolutions. They are just lies you made up for yourself. Haha...

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A bit of randomness  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just some random pics. Was at Sunway hotel nights ago selling wine for charity. I thought business was good at first. turn out that we only sold 10 bottles of wine out of 100 ... But anyway, at least the environment was very well since it's a five star hotel ^^

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Fish & Co.  

Me n my housemates went to this Fish & Co some nights ago at One U. Average meal. Had i don't know what it's called and the rest had fish and chips. Meal was decent enough and the drinks were satisfying also. It's not often we had a good meal together... ^^

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How far can my camera go?  

I've been owning Panasonic Lumix FZ28 for quite some time now. Months perhaps? I love my camera a lot tho it's just a advanced point and shoot camera uncomparable to a DSLR. But it's a SUPERZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

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t's been a long time that i didn't update my blog and write about anything. I'm just busy. depressed and totally lost my senses. I'm even beginning to felt a bit "demanding" or "singaporean" since i work for ocbc. Lots of changes took place. Some good, others bad. Late had an addiction to lemons and coconut drinks XD. No idea why. Hehe... Not been eating much as i used too. Need to lose a lot of weight in two months time or else my dear hua mu lan would slice me. Hehe...:x

Been travelling a lot too. Being a domestic tourist running here and there to have a look whts so speacial about Malaysia...

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Memories obliterated.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is a part of my baby ASUS.

My laptops core. The hardisk.

What happened?

It broke down today.

when i got back from somewhere.

my baby was crying for help then. screaming painfully as it thawed my cold heart.

How could i leave you lonely there?

All was lost now.

Those memories, those images...

This is the saddest day in my life :(

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tired . . .

sometimes i just wonder when will i get busted...

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Im free tonight. and alone too. Coz everyone went back to their hometown and im here wondering tiredly. My hippo was busy tonight to layan me. lots of work. Hope she goes through it smoothly. It's a hell lot of stress and tiredness too.

My work has been fine. My trainer talked to me just now. He told me that tho i was weak, i have atitude to do work and continue. I felt proud :) but sad that no one to share that moment of relieve. Tried to call that someone since noon... but..

It's been rather long that i didn't write. In English particulary. Everyday i've been using bank terms. Kinda tired and i felt like a robot. Credit cards specialist. Singaporeans. LOL.

Have i been better or worse? God knows.

Tomorrow is my favourite day of the year. BON ODORI.


Hope to have some fun tomorrow ! XD

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Part Two, a morning in PD.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

breakfast there was a rip off and they dun even had fried eggs!!!!! The morning was quiet... perhaps the last time we saw each other... some but not all.. haha. Cos i still meet some of them.... wasn't unhappy or so.... maybe cos....

Well a few glimpse of the pics i took... bye bye...

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Port Dickson Day One  

Went to PD for a class trip... tutorial to be exact.Sad that some didn't make it. Siew, Melissa, Jessica.. hey... why? Had an enjoyable night but a few of pinches in my heart too.... anyway, another memory to be kept behind my head...

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The moon ~  

Yes this is the moon taken from my camera XD.

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Buffet at One world Hotel  

A hearty meal at Cinnamon at one world hotel. It costs around rm90 to each of us and wowee ~ a good bargain. Enjoyed a lot there. Took helllllll lotsa pics. And i will never eat fresh oyesters anymore. Don't really understand what is so good about it. Haha.. i'd rather eat bass, cheese and those that i really enjoyed. Went to watch Wolverine after the meal. SYOK BANAR. Eh seh... not used brunei language for a long while. It' a good movie to watch. Effects are great too. Went home quite late. . .

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