End of one, beginning of another...  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Alas... my academic life ends here. Don't know if it was a happy ending or sad... 3 years just went by like this and now when you recall the past... what is it all about? I have mixed feelings tho. happy and sad. Sad cos well... can't see dear friends anymore... Happy...well to quote from someone,..cant wait to get away from those pathetic faces. True. So tempted to put their fucking names there but well.Spare them la....

Goin to have an interview next month. Hope i can get the job. Gotta brush up some of my skills too. The pain of working life is here and well, gotta struggle to it and make some things come true.

Sigh. Suddenly want to vent my anger here

To this two fucking guys. FUCK YOU. CURSE YOU.
No i won't pray for your death but i pray for your sufferings.
Let everyday be a mess to you. A torture. If there is a chance, i'll skin you alive. Break your bones with a hammer inch by inch and i'll pull your hair out once by one. And what pain cud it be if i'll kick your balls every few hours? and oh another form of pain, i'll stick some sharp steel under your nails and let it bleed. and oh i will pull ur nails slowly too XD. and why not let scorpions sting you around? and dogs barking you? afterball being scared is far more worse than expecting a pain. and last i shall put worms into your ears. and let u whine in pain.

All for hurting someone. This is a nightmare i hope you get every night.

and oh, i hope you will be raped.


i'm still working in denise now. be leaving soon with a small amount of money. Hope i will strive well next month and be the best of everything. Will i do my masters or continue studying again? i don't know. just hope things will be alright.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not been blog seriously for months and i seem to lost touch of my composure. FInally it has come to a stage where i had to make choices. By the end of this april. Life's gonna get serious and critical and imma going to step into a new phase of life. Just that i had some troubles on where to go and what to do. Earlier, everything was planned well. But somehow something else struck me and i asked myself.... are you confident? are you sure? Many things swirl into my mind and i dun even know what i can really do. It's money that bugs me a lot. Got parents and bro to take care and my own future.

I'm only 22. coming 23. most may see this as a "still young" age. but .. maybe im just too ambitious or had high expectations in my life? And i just keep asking myself that shud i go back to brunei or something. Brunei used to flourish well.. but now.. it's not as it is. A lot of things are more expensive than malaysia here too.

what do i really want? Why do i had to go through this journey alone?

A lot of my friends.. most of them will be playing around after their studies. Kinda envious cos, i dun seem to have any line to follow and play through. All im worried is money and getting a job and those kinda stuff.

What to do? I was born in this life.And i want to change my life. But i know it is going to be hard...

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YAY !!!!!  

Monday, April 13, 2009

It began one saturday, ding dong. Some malay guy shouted my name and left a huge box outside my door. I peeked. I gasped. I panic. IT'S MY CAMERA FROM UK !!! So happy. but i was stunned a while tho. Opened the parcel and there it was Fujifilm. I was like huh???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She bought the wrong camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sweated, cold air creeped around my neck. i opened up the box. A sense of relief came. My lumic was inside and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY


And here is a pic i took playing with the focusing. XD

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