Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's been almost a month since i last blog. Been very busy with lots of things. Academics and work.It had also been an emotional month for me tho. To begin with, lets start with my Uni. Well it's been tough since i've been stuck with people that i can't communicate or cooperate with. It's really awful and hard and emotions just stirred up. Been trying hard to make things better but it justs get harder. Talk here and talk there and in the end everything just pushes back to me. My stresses level peaked to the certain extent that im restless and pimples grew too. Been trying hard, been pressured. Graduation is coming soon and what can i do? Will i get a good job soon or will i be in deep trouble? i Have options tho i being going to kampar and be a tutor, IF they are willing to hire me. Second i will be going back to Brunei and teach. Which will i choose? Hopefully, i would get to work in the Brunei government. Then i will be super happy and richer by 2 years compared to if i were working in Malaysia XD. But then, it was just perhaps a wish that may be far reached. Nevertheless i may be in trouble again. Well least i still get to work temporarily in Denise for the time being.

Work? Aight. Lots to lose. Every month i would be losing money. Why? Cos its either those wines get missing or i break em. T_T

My emotions are swinging lately. My temper is getting awful.But i need to keep it behind me, behind my heart and held those pains that are stabbing at me. You know how it feels? Sometimes you just felt like your a "criminal" while ur not. Imagine been accused of murder or something and there your waiting your turn at the deathrow. Stress and you sure know that you're not gonna die but the stress is just still there. How long should i wait?3 months?

CURSE YOU. Woman.Is there shit in your brains?

Still, the accident i had last month haunts me.just everytime i walk past that road, it reminded me of that accident. Just everytime a car honks me, a motor zooms by, it haunts me. and with accidents i see, with ppl die,it haunts me more. I wish i could move and not see the road again, cos its still haunting me at times....

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