15th Jan. Life. Fragile isn't it? Accident.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just yesterday morning. Around 7.45 am around my condo. I had an accident. Can't remember anything that happened except waking up semi-consciously on the road. Mei Ling just happened to be there when she saw me. Said i was lying in the middle of the road and the bicycle was somewhere and people were dragging me to the pavement. Then i guess i must have woke up then. Cos i was tryin to take out my phone and call my parents. I was closing my eye. and bloody hell then i realize i didn't have any credit. Mei Ling called from the otherside of the road then i was lucky she was somehow there.A lot of things i cant remember then. Like she was there helping me up and it was me locking the bicycle to the chain instead of her. I tot it was her doing it.

Well i think after chainin the bicycle i was sent ot UM Hospital Trauma and Emergency Center.Had a two jabs. Arm and my Butt. Ouch. I was lucky that my balls are still intact having to ride on a bicycle.

Spent two hours in agony at the ward. Keep holding my head. Had a big swell on my head and a lot of tissue torn. arms and legs. Ouch. Even walking is a pain now.

Was discharged around 2 pm. Still went to uni to show em im alright :) was happy that a lot cared for me :) :) :)

Woke up with more pains in the upper part body.

I'm alive now. Glad and relieved. A bit guilty too. Thank God im here again. Its a very traumatic and scary experience. But i got through it and stayed strong.

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Amuleto by Crystal Jade  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Went to Amuleto by Crystal Jade Last month bring my darling for lunch :) Had a great time there. Food was great but just a bit oily. Supposedly we are to try that chocolate fountain but HELL SUMTHING WENT WRONG WITH THE MACHINE AND IT WASN'T SERVED THAT DAY.

Bad Luck.

But still we had a lovely lunch :).

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Shopping !!!  

Went shopping around Sg Wang, Times Square and Midvalley today. Had a healthy lunch at Ah Yee herbal restaurant. A bit pricy but its delicious tho. Got two Giordano T.A scarf and a shoe. Spend like almost rm200. First time i spend with my hard earned money.



Oh i love my scarf and Giordano.

HAPPY !!!!!!

Ate a lot today too. This Tiramisu Ice blend from little taiwan. NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Then em... thinks that's all. XD

Night now :)

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