Good Bye.  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess i be closing this blog for now.

Don't simply have the time to write as much as i used to. Most of the time i just share with my dear dear nia. Hehe.

Enjoyed writing all this well but then im getting tired too.

Created another blog where i only share images taken with my camera. Love it. That's a passion im going to continue with.

Good bye.

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It's been a long while...  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aight another long while i didn't update my blog. Don't have the time nor the heart to write as i used to. Been jobless for a while... yes i got a job in Denise the wine shop but its not a full time ler...

In the weeks to come i am going to embark on a new journey. Well cut the crap. JOURNEY. duh =_=.

Well i was resorted to two options for my choice of work. Citibank and Salmat Salesforce. No that is not a local company but an australian thats been growing since 2 decades ago.

To cut the long story, i've chosen citibank for fear of taking risks. Not to say im a coward but i couldn't take more of it and i am... well, desperate? True that what i am going to work, the pay is gonna be way low but those ppl said 3 months later u gonna get a hang of it and earn comissions up to 3.5k. I do not know that is credible or not. The company won a Hewitt best employer before... well only once. fedex and amex won a number of times tho.

bit messed up on what i am going to say ><.

I am going to work there soon and i hope things will be more than alright and better. Good things come to those who wait and there could be a blessing in disguise. no i did not say that but some friend and elders gave me those two cents.

true to a certain extent cos i have some sort of different feel when i went to the places that i have interviewed. the motivation and energy is quite different too.

its the mid of may liaw... June to come soon and i hope things would turn well...

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Secret Garden at One Utama.  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Went to secret garden today which is opened only on weekends. Started to rain a bit later and the sun wasn't hot enough too. These are the only pics that i think are worth showing here.... rest i just put in facebook la ><

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Hola ! It's a new year.  

Another few months of my absence from blogging. It's my offday today so i better off updating while my friends nagggggggggggggggggg me to update here. No much to wrote about as usual. Not hoping that this year would be a better year but instead i hope that i can overcome the challenges easier. Nothing in life is easy. You have to have the guts go clean the mess you have. Life's like that ^^.

You gotta be tough.

No new year resolutions. They are just lies you made up for yourself. Haha...

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