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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Had a hard time adjusting my life. Had to get used to it to the loneliness.

Watched a video by Leong today in his blog...learn this. If you failed 100 times, try 100 times again. Keep on trying again and don't give up. If you did, do you think you will get up again?

and another was an advice by my teacher, it's just that everything is over and i had to restart a new life... Its a new world and you gotta move on louis..

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it' s Sunday  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's sunday and it's my last day of the so called freedom i had cos tomorrow i be starting to work. Travel all the way to cyberjaya took about1.30 hour. Had to wake up about 5.30 every morning now to prepare n travel. Tough and tiring journey but well, they paid me well and i gotta sacrifice well too. Probably around june or july i guess financial problems would start to ease now as i can help my family :) Kinda cried when i got the job and of course, a lot of my friends who knew how much my pay was was kinda :WAH.......... top secret here. XD

Wish me luck tomorrow. Not been blogging for a month too le. Wonder would i have time to do so still.

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