celebrate harvest  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stumble upon this video and i like it a lot. chinese painting. Found a number of them too but i think this one is one of the best? Do look up for "sand animation" in youtube too. inpirational...!

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First time in Genting since 1997  

Yes i know i just being vain... >< hehe. It was my first time in Genting since 1997. I can say i have a great time taking pics since that is what i like doing most. Food was expensive... friends were em... okay? cos i was quiet most of the time. Was focusing on the environment and scenery most of the time. Got sick at night there though cos raindrops penetrated to me and i got awfully sick that night. It was freakin cold too... slept with three girls. Muahaha... Leong... i'm doing a threesome... ahem. Just joking.Oops... Best times i have perhaps is when i went to the large compound n took pics with the mists there. Didn't go to the theme cos it was raining. If only i have a good camera T_T...

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Get natural in Genting...  

Posted some of the pics i took that looks worthy enough to be here. I'm not a good photographer but i got passion tho. XD. Love the trees there...

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Buffet in Genting  

Sunday, October 28, 2007

That's what i ate In Genting.Loved the mutton and garlic saute wtih beef and the mashed potato. The indian food tastes great too and Sup tulang is perhaps one of the best around. Spicy and neat. The dessert was nothing special but still edible. Overall i give a 70% for the food i ate. HEHE

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Introducing Novel and Stanley  

Friday, October 19, 2007

Novel and Leong... at first i couldn't recognise him when i see him. He called me and i looked around to see who the hell it was and he's just right in front of me. Haha.. din see him bout 3 years plus. Leong my mentor in some senses...haha.. he's a great friend... i realise tht over the years... what we chatted are mostly sex, women and well crap?haha... but it was great dun with them and i laughed to tears. too bad metis and Ken can't come... else it wud be more fun!

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Introducing Sharen and Lina  

This was at Kiulap..with Sharen my dear buddy and Lina! whom i also liked. Was around kiulap that night walking around. Bored but we sat and have a ok chat tho... hav a yogurt gelato and well tastes ok and the shop around us looks haunted... dunno why brunei like that d. . .

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Days in Brunei during sem break : Out with ma godsis  

This two is actually my really distant cousins that i found out last year i think.Haha and had a great fun with them. Happy to have them as a godsis and cousin. The small one so cute lagi and looks jap.haha. Not much to play around in The Mall since Brunei is kinda boring there...lacks entertaiment.haha...but having them around is fun. ^_^

That pink one on the right is Si Xiang... freaky pumpkin!!! Usually called her pumpkin tho. thanks to her for comin out that day. ><

Here really want to thank God for giving me great cousins and godsis also. the Hii sisters been great and Ying Yueh who can't come sadly. but hope next year can go out again.XD

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One world - many wonders  

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This blog is written for my passion in travelling.I love to travel but then it's too bad im not born rich so i had to work hard to earn where i want to go.. or where can i afford to go. Theres a lot of places in this tiny world that are worth to visit. First on my mind is ...

Yeah a country which is quite choreographed in a sense that is a pretty organised country. Auspicious tea ceremonies and how thry greet people. Aren't they such polite people? Places that i would like to visit in Japan are like temples, hot sprinds, sunflower fields and anywhere that brings you a calm feeling.Food in japan is kinda boring? Cos well it's all sushi sushi and raw meat and fish. Have eaten a lot ady and i think i would spend more time eating those that are not yet discovered in asia. Shopping... nah~ nothing special to buy for guys but maybe some toys and oh yeah, Yukie Nishimura's album. Japanese girls are kawaii ne~ >< maybe got and get some to ahem at the Love hotel. Oops...~ jus joking. haha... It's a very expensive country too where a can of cola costs rm20 plus T_T...

I want some grapes from Perth and wanna go hug those koala bears. Heard that they poo a lot so better be careful. Sydney got a greenish night as i see in pictures and its quite a classy city to visit. Mind you all, the capital city of Aust. is not Sydney but Canberra. Theres no special food in Aussie and one of the reason im wanna be here is to buy the book " where's wally?" Sight-seeing may be romantic and the Ayers Rock could be some romantic place to see the sunset.

New Zealand
Eversince i watch Black Sheep... i was kinda worried if those sheeps would turn carnivores and bite humans. My love for sheeps turned off since i watch that movie T_T but still i wanna Go cos well they're sheeps there and Lord of the Rings was filmed there!!! The seaside is a beautiful place to be in New Zealand too and the green meadows. Oh theres the kiwi too.

Erm... i don't know why i like there but i love big fields and Mongolia got one...

This country wasn't in my mind till a friend said it was a romantic place to be. come to think of it, it reminds me of a video by Hitomi Yaida, Over the Distance. Indeed it's a beauty with white snows around and Bjork lives there. Heheh... It's quite isolated too... oh yeah, may go and hug some penguins too if got chance. Haha..

I love korean girls cos they're aggressive. Especially when they hit your head and scold you... that's so cute and sexy ( too much korean drama) Reasons i be there may be the historic places, parks and again food. i love cultural food..and i think korea has a lot of healthy foods especially those mushrooms.

There will only be one reason for be to go India. Food!!! That's all. I love curry ;p

Personally i romantic and beautiful place to be. Purple sunsets... Awwwwwwwwww

Lourve Museum and Effiel Tower here i come!!!

Italy, Spain, German
No idea whats there but well i heard there are great sausages in German and Spain is said to be the most romantic country in the world...

Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland?
I wanna try wear kilts and i love the music there. Celts... and my favourite movie... Highlander!!! There can only be one... the highlands are kinda spiritual there

Taiwan, Hong Kong
Food, Food, Food... imma eat only...

A country to large to explore but a must to be is Guilin... i love those mountains, rivers and blue lakes!!!

Middle East
Great food and music too!!! One of Sarah Brightman's album features a bit of Middle Eastern Music and its great

Not to forget my own country... well Malaysia got some beautiful islands and places like Frasier Hills, Mulu Island and Cameroon Highlands is a good place to be...

I seem to have named most places that many would love to go. Aha... But well factually i can only go to a few unless i won jackpot (keep on wishing... you never know) Dear God...><

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am i?  

You Are Apple Red

You're never one to take life too seriously, and because of it, you're a ton of fun.
And although you have a great sense of humor, you are never superficial.
Deep and caring, you do like to get to the core of people - to understand them well.
However, any probing you do is light hearted and fun, sometimes causing people to misjudge you.

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