Days in Brunei during sem break : Out with ma godsis  

Friday, October 19, 2007

This two is actually my really distant cousins that i found out last year i think.Haha and had a great fun with them. Happy to have them as a godsis and cousin. The small one so cute lagi and looks jap.haha. Not much to play around in The Mall since Brunei is kinda boring there...lacks entertaiment.haha...but having them around is fun. ^_^

That pink one on the right is Si Xiang... freaky pumpkin!!! Usually called her pumpkin tho. thanks to her for comin out that day. ><

Here really want to thank God for giving me great cousins and godsis also. the Hii sisters been great and Ying Yueh who can't come sadly. but hope next year can go out again.XD

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