First time in Genting since 1997  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes i know i just being vain... >< hehe. It was my first time in Genting since 1997. I can say i have a great time taking pics since that is what i like doing most. Food was expensive... friends were em... okay? cos i was quiet most of the time. Was focusing on the environment and scenery most of the time. Got sick at night there though cos raindrops penetrated to me and i got awfully sick that night. It was freakin cold too... slept with three girls. Muahaha... Leong... i'm doing a threesome... ahem. Just joking.Oops... Best times i have perhaps is when i went to the large compound n took pics with the mists there. Didn't go to the theme cos it was raining. If only i have a good camera T_T...

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