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Sunday, August 31, 2008

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Shulin's bday  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Shu Lin's bday again. This time she treat all of us a lavish and fulfilling dinnfer. Korean BBQ and steamboat which is F R E A K I N G expensive. The food was great with constant refills. RAWR. First time i've eating such an expensive meal for the past one year. Most i had was Kim Gary which costs bout 20 plus a meal in sunway. Well gotta thank Shu Lin for the meal. Bbq-ed beef from US and some pork, chicken and lamb. The steamboat was good too and those side meals as well. Desert was some ice blended barly that "looked" so $$$$$. XD

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Missing you every moment, never forgetting you.
Sigh . . . Love. Why so difficult?

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To my great uncle, Hasim  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My great uncle,
My sporting uncle,
Always there to smile,
To make us laugh,
you may be gone,
But ur memories live one...

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Who am i?  

Friday, August 15, 2008

For 23,53 % you are: Personality B
Your Personality name is “ The Cheese Hybrid” a kind of “The Multifarious Observer”

Your genius level: (Based on a scale of 1-10) you scored: 8.6-9.6 (semi-genius)

Your personality brief: Like the nursery rhyme; “The cheese stands alone” describes your work ethic; you are a loner born and bred. You work best when alone. Very independent and idealistic. Your personality is very distinctive, original and unique. You are extremely creative and intellectual. Thorough, expressive, and contemplative at times. You often enjoy indulging in time to think things through rather than do things rashly. Scientific mindset. Optimistic in means of survival yet cynical in times of doubt. You appreciate deep music and art. You can be sarcastic and have an over-active personality, which is a very good attribute. Kindness and sincerity reflects you in every aspect. You are very sensitive, compassionate, romantic and value love Very attentive and observant of surroundings and tend to mock reactions when uncertain of behavior.

Good side of your personality: You are a very good listener and people look to you for your input and advice. You can interpret things in a way that is acknowledged as valuable and people respect and admire your intelligence in matters.

Bad side of your personality: You can come across as arrogant and stubborn sometimes. You can be very cold when angry. Tend to second guess yourself. People take advantage of your kindness. Also you can come across as undeceive and unsure.

Career calling: Pursue a career in something that will reveal your abilities in processing information, listening skills, creativeness, and intellectual self like becoming a writer, artist, psychologist, counselor, executive, business or design professional, lawyer, interior design, or wedding planner. If those are not your callings, try seeking a profession that will assist mankind for the greater good. The world needs you.

Relationships: You are the model romantic. You give your all in relationships but tend to harbor your true feelings when in doubt. Don’t hold back! Your passion for love and life is immense and sometimes is unappreciated by your choice in partners in the past. Your relationships are usually long lasting and loyal in being with someone you least expected rather than the ideal candidate in your eyes. Your relationships are at its best when first developed as good friends with strong compatibility in the same interests. Although love at first sight can be what you always wanted in your eyes, it can also be deceiving. You are extremely sexual when discovered and your partner likes this about you. Beware that your partner is more focused on your sexual talents rather than your talents at heart. Growth of a relationship means exploring each other in all aspects more than just psychical attraction or the enjoyment of ones company. Being in-tune with oneself means you are easily in-tune with your partner’s feelings. Don’t isolate yourself into a relationship you know isn’t working. If you gave your all, you gave your all. Don’t hinder your romantic heights to love someone who does not deliver love back. Only settle for the best (you are worth it). Sturdy relationships lie in the east with a creative and deep Virgo, swift Libra, fun and interesting Aquarius, and passionate Capricorns. Beware of the dominant Leos, the deceiving Sagittarius and the persuasive Cancer.

Future at a glance: You have a very prosperous, fun future in the stars wake IF you allow it to be. Be weary…a decision coming up VERY soon might decide your fate and happiness later on in life. Don’t act upon it with initial reaction. Take time to think things through. Don’t wear black this coming Friday. To solve a problem you are facing now, consult drinking lemon juice mixed with salt, sugar, and hot water. Very soon you are in store for a surprise. And last, you recently developed a bad habit and could hinder how people could perceive you as.

Advice: Stay the way you are. Let go of things you can’t change, build the perseverance to change the things you can, and acknowledge the wisdom you possess to know the difference.


That's me.

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Uncle Hasim Yek : RIP  

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today a shocking news came to me. My young uncle, younger than me by a few years. Died in a car accident in sarawak. Think that the hand gear rupture into his heart and died.

Can't believed it. Everytime i see in news about people dying in car accidents. Now it occured to someone close to me :( It's a hard to express feeling.

Don't know what to do. Except being sad. Passed away at 3 pm. I smsed him at 6pm. I knew he couldn't read it anymore. But its the only way i can communicate with him. Told him Why? and i miss him and love him.

This are the words he put in his friendster...

Without struggle, there can be no success. Love is very important to you but then again, so is your whole life.

You want what's best for you. You valve strength gained through experience

Can't help but shed tears for him. his a funny and good person.I last saw him a year ago in miri. Now. never will i see him again. Mom cried. Relatives. Everyone.

What to do?

Rest In Peace. Uncle.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Juz had my presentation today. It was average with a lack of demo tho. Can't believe that my hands is shaking when i try to insert the paper inside. T_T. My show got a hole and water just seep into it. Sigh. Why? Hate to waste money on shoes le.

cant blog muchbout my inner feelings here... guess i need to move in to my secret blog to let out.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

it was a restless day to me today. So quiet and lonely. not knowing what is wrong with me. It's a painful and suffering moment for me for hours. Maybe i knew the fault but somehow i seem to neglect or not admit it. why? I need some rest. thats all i know. sigh.

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Japanese Language Festival @ UM  

It's a two day festival in UM. I had a great time and moment there with some fellow classmates. First day was fun where there was some good performance and we watched Waterboys. Good movie. skipped the lessons tho and went home. hehe. Second day i played go and learned the japanese flower arrangement. :) Got the smallest roses there tho. It was a great experience for me there.

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