Monday, December 31, 2007

Yeah its a new year now.2008. Eager and Energetic. XD New resolutions are the same all year round so whats important is that we work hard on it. Cheers and welcoming the year of the rats... in a month time.

I can say im not happy... but im not sad too. Just go with the flow... whether it is bad or good, take things lightly and have faith.

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Today is the last day of 2007 a very sad year for with a lot of stress and depressing moments. All these will be gone in a few hours and im looking forward to 2008. I don't kow why but then it has been a much awaited time for me. 2007 had been tough for me with lots of unwanted troubles. But his had made me stronger and mature. Thoughts have changed and so are my physical appearances.I'm getting fat.XD

Other than that i'm looking forward to work harder as well. Three more semesters to go and hope i will not fail myself anymore. There are however still some stuff bugging me but i hope time will let things change for good. For now, welcoming 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old Asia  

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just ended my exams today finishing a 2.5 hour exam in 45 minutes and the most relieving one is that i passed Japanese. Was overjoyed with that and im starting to be optimistic and be planning well ahead. Had to be well disclipined with my future schedule since i wud be (hopefully) getting a part time job.

Yesterday went to Old Asia in One Utama, and had a cold dessert. Quite expensive and well... give it 70 percent. Soursoup dessert. That's all i had there then go jalan jalan around taking pics with christmas trees.

In a few weeks semester will be opening soon.Yay! and Ou!. . . dun knw how life wud be but i know for sure i'll be busy a lot. 6 subjects with a thesis to prepare and a job to handle. Aza Aza Fighting! ><

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Glay - Beloved  

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A song i used to listen when i was in secondary. Glay still rocks!

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Haha!!! Must watch o! funny koreans  

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Beach Boys / GTO  

Monday, December 10, 2007

Two of my favourite japanese drama of all time. Beach Boys and GTO. GTO inspired me to be a teacher. Nope, not that because he is one horny teacher but the lessons and quotes in the drama inspires me a lot. Beach Boys on the other hand is a touching movie. I forgot a lot of the plot but i enjoyed the soundtrack a lot. ^^

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WIndstruck/ Please teach me english ~ imma fan of Jang Hyuk!  

Windstruck. Fantasy romance movie. It's lovely with good theme song and music background.

Please Teach Me English. You'll laugh till your cheeks got muscle cramps!

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Secret Recipe Attack  

Sunday, December 9, 2007

10th december 2007 , Secret Recipe. Left home with Mandy to SS2 at 7.05, reach about 7.30 and we queue there till 10 am for the shop to open. Well we're not the early birds cos there is 3 uncle and aunty that were much more earlier than us. Haha. Didn't took my breakfast b4 i went so i was starving till 12 pm where i bought a curry puff where it was once featured in Ho Chak. Anyway we bought Raspberry cheese and Cappuccino Cheese. Great. We had a hard time slicing the cake at first... wish there was a huge protracter tho XD

Yeah. Next time they give free cakes could be in the next decade. So guess we're kinda lucky to be there this year.

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A little bit of humour...  

Koreans... they sure are funny

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Saturday - I'm guilty  

Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm really really guilty...

It's saturday and i can't recall i've studied or done anything useful... so sombre... T_T fats around my tummy are building up as well and later i'll be jumping up and down... will i really slim down in 6 months??? Well if you don't try, you never know wht results will there be.

Just last night i signed up facebook and hell.. it was addictive. No wonder some of my friends didn't show signs of update in friendster =_="

Just cleaned my unit yesterday and be expecting a new housemate by monday. SOme gal frmo Kuantan, Jan intake... heard from Su lin she looks "not bad". I wonder how was that suppose to look like.. XD

Those wounds don't seem to heal... and i seem to be changing...

"Are humans fake" direct translation from chinese quoted from a dear friend. Well, we are real but maybe it's our character that keeps on ever changing... If not... maybe its the expectations we seek?

I believe all of us just wants to be happy but then sometimes we seem to want more... jealousy is one reason and persons jealousy is the cause of all problems together with selfishness. Well maybe a bit is okay since there are different degrees of it.

When we first know a person... wow...after we get too close or somethings... things changed? or have our expectations disappoined? Have been constantly living under people terms and being ourselves is sinful? Nah... i think its just me who have been like that... i used to say yes and uh-hih. I don't mind doing things for people tho... then when i start to resist... things seem to go against me.... why? can't i not have my own needs and wants???

Maybe it's just a balance of life. With pains and sufferings... we got more experience and more maturity over a period of time. There is nohting much we can do except to compromise. Give and take, send and receive. If everyone is willing to do so, maybe things will be more okay abit.

The weather has been brighting up a bit. ^_^. Hope days will be better. My exam ends on 18, last one standing. BK B and next year BK B. That's the only sub i had to go through alone. But.. heheh... the lecturer had been VERY helpful a LOT that is a guarantee pass. Keke...

Shakespeare ( did i get his spelling rite? ) once said we're all actors and actresses and the world is our stage. hm~ i wonder who wrote the script for us.Haha... I can't deny im a bad person but i am also kind? or have i just been following all the time? Don't know lah... today will be a memory for tomorrow. Mske the best of today so it will be a good memory for the future... ^^

Just had kopi ais and peanut butter sandwich and had em stuck between my teeth.><

End of todays entry. signing off..

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's thursday... been raining and non stop since morning... missed my swims... im getting fat...

felt better today... dunno why...........^_^


sometimes when u have finally let go of things... they come back... a bit ironic isn't it?.... makes me argh..... a bit too late kua....


not studied much yet....*hangs myself on the ceiling fan*


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study week  

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's wednesday and there ain't much that i've touch.... die...

confused with the signals... maybe i think too much?. . .maybe i shouldn't try to guess too much... ignorance is bliss in this sense... just focus on my career and success... rest can count in later...
wht route have i taken? maybe what other see is irresponsible and bad... but no one won't understand tho... i've been pushed away too far... maybe i got the right to be bad in this sense...
i hope i would excel better this sem... there is more to counter...
how i wish i need not to be here... there will be much i can do if i were someone else....

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

沒有一百分的另一半 只有五 十分的兩個人

付出真心 才會得到真心 卻也可能傷得徹 底
保持距離 就能保護自己 卻也註 定永遠寂寞

通常願意留下來跟你爭吵的人 才是真正愛你

有時候  不是對方不在乎你 而是你把對方

冷 漠 有時候並不是無情 只是一種避免被傷害的工具

第 六句
如果我們之間有1000步的距 離 你只 要跨出
我就會朝你的 方向走其 餘的999步

為你的難過而快樂的 是敵人
為你 的快樂而快樂的 是朋友
為你的難過 而難過的 就是那些 該放進心
裡的 人

就算是b elie ve 中間也藏了一個lie

真正的好朋友 並不是在一 起就有聊不完的話題
而是在一起 就 算不說話 也不會感到尷尬

朋友就是被你看透了 還能喜 歡你的人

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End of semester ~ *report*  

Friday, November 30, 2007

Poof! And finally the semester ends.Last two days with Sensei Nahan Rajan and Mr David. Can say this semester is not as stressful as other semesters since we had only 3 subs... erm... to be exact, im d only havin 3 subs. >< Japanese was great with laughter and sudden shouts by Sensei which startled most gakusei. Though i've done badly for japanese with a grade of 18/100. . . i still had fun. but not the part when we had to practice cos my head will be down often and try to appear invisible. >< Took a photo with sensai where b4 i slapped his belly... gosh. like a bag of oil.haha. hm~ suddenly i remembered when i hugged Alicia who feels similar also. Oops...don't think she'll read my posts.haha...><

Literature on the other hand... hard to comment since most students didn't actually share thoughts or something. Mr Lukes class was a bit ahem. David on the other hand was ok too. Happy part was that we scored well in assignment too. YEAH. RAWR!!!

Personally this semester is not a happy one was well.75% mess against 20% happiness with 5% unknown mess. Friendship/ relationship problems still dragged on... with countless misunderstandings and miscommunication. Nothing ever was right. When one meant this, it was misunderstood as that. People didn't make things clear and well mess just keeps getting worse. The failure to accept and understand?

Time i had to give up when suddenly i felt that i no longer can rely on someone. Cutting off the knots tied around me and tie new ones ~ What is friendship actually? I don't really understand... maybe wht i want or expect and from people is different. but im glad that there are still a few that clings around me. Suddenly there was a Miss of m buddies back in brunei. esp those in UK.haha...

There are things im happy, there are things unrest as usual. but bygones will and must be bygones. serve them as a lesson or human errors. Nest sem will be tougher so i must be stronger. most importantly must let myself down or sumone. and gosh i dun wanna read tht words too. "NX CXXXXXX" and others from that friend. Quite a let down.

PLans and provisions. Be working part time and putting a lot of pressure for myself. Assignments may face problem perhaps... but must stick to a regilar plan that i will follow. they say there always a lot of time... but personally... i dun have enuf time and opportunities are dropping. must make use of every resources i got. and relieve the "XXXXXX" i used to have.

Plans for next year? frequent the gym? well these study week will be going there often. if i din get a job during the holiday will also go there n hip hopping around. Will also save more money and eatless... i tend to overeat so that must got to go. may travel much too since my friend got a car from subang. hope to hang out with my brunei friends. Bon Odori! i'm waiting for july!!! Hope i'll have a gf then to together with. its just so lovely. XD last time i go was lonely but well least i get the "beauty" feel. too bad i aint got camera...

Sharen if you read this. I want IT too!!!!! you know wht i mean. keke. :P

Not goin home this sem... and so is chinese new year i guess...

I hope during the serious of /break/ there will be a nother drastic change in me. . .

A few people to thank this semester >> Yi Hueih as usual and those who poed me to go see doctor when i got poisoned ~ jacq, Yu Hua and some others. Siau Koon and Li Zhao for being a great help and parts of EL1 who made a lively moment to me. My Lit assign members who make it a wowee for getting a good score...

My other wishes >
Hope things will be great next semester.
Ken Win will pass.
Pink Tulip be happy.
getting good results..
some things may be forgotten...
starting something anew...

Bye ~ end of this semesters report. . .

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Chilli's at One Utama / Siews b'day  

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrated Siew's Birthday at Chilli's in One Utama. My wallet bleeded a lot that day. Well we all had Old Timer's burger which is quite HUGE with lots of fries. then there is this bottomless fruit juice where i drank tomato juice which make me puke...seriously... and pineapple juice and bits of mango, apple and guava. Yummmy~

here are those pics i be displaying while d rest goes into myspace where u can check it out at the link. XD

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Ayumi Hamasaki - Jewel  

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Perhaps my 2nd favourite song after the emotional A song for XX. this song bot a beautiful music and a classy one... considering the cost of the mv! DOn't know who played a faster version of this song but i admire the person playing it...

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Cheers to my mind / messed up  

Finally everything is done except with an exam coming up on tuesday.BM~ With only me taking that exam. It's Sunday today where one should be going out but... well i've been confined here every since... just simply have no once to go out with. This semester has been ok. Malaysian Literature is ok but a bit boring because no one talked except me while japanese is tough where everyone tried except me. ><

Emotionally i've been bleeding deep down inside with no one knowing how it feels. It is really hard to not notice, to not care and to put one a beautiful mask. ALmost everyday i go home with a heavy heart hoping something would happen to me. But im grateful that most times at night im happy with Pink Tulip helping me out clearing me my pains... but it only last a night and each morning i wake up with lies telling me "hey! i be ok!" Othertimes i sorta "quarrel" with her for reasons unknown.. maybe im just not careful with my words...

Argh... it's really a tough time. I don't know what i've done to myself and what will i do more to harm myself. I try and try and it goes wrong often. I have not been using swear words for a long time... Should i give up and get on with my life? It seems that im straining myself with useless things. My character has always been a emotionally weak person but i got stronger and meaner day by day as well

"I hate you! I hate you! I F****** hate you! " for stealing... for being so stupid that it was you who told me to XXXX but it was you who created problems for me. Another person for WHY? I trusted so much in you and still or yet... and another person... for the childishness. Maybe i am one too cos here im whining... who cares... its my blog...

Just yesterday i got drunked with a dear friend getting a new hair do and i was shocked... godsmacked and i felt like jumping off the cliff. haha... had lunch together with another friend and aiks.. so malu.. din bring wallet pun... but happy to have a small bite with them. hoping to have more with P.T

Cheers to my mind... yes a toast to my mind. Why? Personally i think i've been braver... i've went throught a lot of bloody pain. Shed a few tears but its nothing. People had been hard on me but i had been strong at the same time too. 2008 is around the corner and i hope i would be stronger. Don't worry louis, you'll do fine.

Perhaps next year i may or may not choose to do something.but i wont regret... even if i would.. maybe i wont lost anything. its a challenge to my own principles...

****************************stream of messed up thoughts ***************************

~~~~~help me im drowning~~~~~~ yes louis, you can do it!~~~~~~~~i hate you~~~ i love you! ~~~~~~~~~i didn't betray you~~~~~~louis, you've been hurt deeply, please see a counsellor or someone...you need to talk. If u act too late...you'll get worse..~~~~~~~life is full of up and downs... soon it will be up again. dun worry~~~~~~lies lies lies...ppl prefer lies. why? ~~~~~~~~ why don't you trust me. i need you....~~~~~~~~~~~tomorrow will be a better day.~~~ how many tomorrows i must let down~~~~~~~~~it's a dark world ur living.~~~~~the ugly side of humans~~~~~~~~~~ why don't you tell me? u used to share but now...T_T~~~~~~~~~ aye... the world is big, be open minded and you'll be free~~~~~~~~ there is plenty of chances.. learn to grab it~~~~~~~~ the more sacrifice you made, does not mean the better result you get ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you have to let go to get what you want~~~~~~~~ to have more, desire less~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oh i hate the drama queen and one who pretends a lot~~~~~~~~~~ learn to let forget n forgive~~~~~haha.. do they?~~~~~~~~ i succeeded in showing respect to them and giving them support. but do they ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~????? ```````````````help me help me help me~~~~~~~~~~~~~go away go away go away~~~!!!!~ `~~~~im complicated. cant not be understood ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i wanna go out~~~~~~~ sigh~~~~~~ dear god, sorry that i will disappoint you soon~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ wertyuioplkjhgfdsxcvbnm,~~~~~~~~one day you will be sorry.... ~~~~~~ignorance is death... ignorance is bliss too~~~~~~~~~ i need your help ~~~~~~~~~~~i am a monster ~~~~~~i am a pervert~~~~~~~~XD ~~~~~~~trust no one, deny everything~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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roasted garlic mashed potato  

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Koyotae ~  

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The songs may not be a very good one but the video is touching and sad T_T. Love story of a set of couple dolls. sacrifice.

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Talk, Play, Love / Promise  

I wish i could be them .. . XD

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Another day..  

Another day has gone by where i had to face sombre and hostile faces. First of all, i've ridden japanese assignment and these 3 days will go hardcore doing my literature assignments. Probably of all, this is the only subject i can perform well. How i wish i was balanced in some ways...

yesterday i lost my friends bicycle lock... ouch.. had to pay.. but luckily i didn't lost the bicycle itself else i had to pay a lot... T_T.

Just ate cucur bawang and udang for lunch. Been waiting for the stall till i give up months ago and wowee its there! at last!

I don't know if i am to be happy or unhappy lately. Still i had to fight and i receive... factually lack of cheers or support. Makes me senseless sometimes or perhaps im too sensitive? As if i commited a world sin. Personally i managed to give them support n signs of respect tho i dislike them but yet ...

Try not mind this a lot. Wish i could chat with that someone now but can't always find and disturb ppl rite? Somethings got to go... got to let go and all... and im so stubborn? Perhaps my absence in her world would make her happier... sigh ~

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My fav keroro song...  

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the voice behind this fav keroro song of mine... aw.....

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Trust and expectations  

Monday, November 12, 2007

Trust... What is it actually? A way of believing someone that they can keep their promises? Or was it a bind that keep relationships together. I dare not say never break my promise cos i did and perhaps i often break it. What is the value of promise that we hold? Sometimes when it is our turn to tell the truth, people may not believe us anymore. Too late? Perhaps so and maybe perhaps thats what we deserve for breaking promises. To count, i am burdened with a lot and blessed with a lot of things that i know and peoplthink i don't know. Sometimes there is a need, a temptation to tell it out. Strange but maybe that is not a promise we should keep at the first place. Right now there was this few someone that fears too trust me... well i don't blame them cos one i hurt them twice and second, im not so good a person afterall. Just let time to give itself a proper mend and perhaps soon everything will be ok. Would it? I don't know... I've been drowned myself...

Expectations... we can never expect too much or even a little. Sometimes we just disappoint ourselves and other times we make things worse. To look behind, i wonder did i expect anything... yes or no? I can't answer that myself... i even forgot when is yesterday. Closed all my cases that are problematic and turned over a new leaf. Lifes gotta go and we stay put, we will just die and being left behind... and to start a journey we must first walk....

Above a blog i wrote not knowing what i am writing about...


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Sandy/ Leslie / Sweety  

Here is some nice mvs again. First there was Sandy Lam's song ~ Zi shao hai you ni and then Leslie Cheungs duet with Sandy's - From now on which is a personal favourite and lastly Sweety where i dunno what is the name of the song. ><

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Tids bits from China  

Saturday, November 10, 2007

These are tidbits from China given by my friend, Charlene! who went there for almost a month. Haha... like most of them especially the peach sandwich, pineapple and mango roll and the beef. The white thing... i think "lou fun" ady. It is sold cheaply in Sarikei. So i think its a foo chow food. Haha. Thanks Char ~

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The Awakening  

Friday, November 9, 2007

Yesterday and today i learned somethings and advice. First was that someone told me just to stop it all. more things i make more problem i create so i stop lo. Was scolded and i think i deserve it is that i make too much fuss in "quarreling with girls" Come to think of it... i seem to forget who i actually am. Forgetting a lot of things and most importantly... men and women are just different and i give myself a hell lot of pressure for nothing positive. Second was changes. Changing for someone was STUPID so we change for ourselves. Why bother to people that can't accept us. True friends accept. If not bye bye. I realize that i never was a problem until now. so... *shrugs* that's it? Another thing is " i am who i am" fact? i dunno... we all make changes thoughout the time we walk past time.

Below is a stream of distorted thoughts...

Who talk to strangers? I know everyone. People confide in me i confide to them. that's my way.

You do gossip in your own group. Did others do do?

I admit wht i say but i can't admit things that i dun think i did say or remember that i really said it. Or could it be that people tot i was saying this and actually i was saying that?

avoiding me? this is so pathetic... like i give a damn and got time to waste. haha... people busy with assignments and getting A's during break "sou bu liaw"

who are the "we" ... thats even more pathetic... one told me to FACE it... how ironic....


this will be my last blog bout craps... dun wan to quarrel like a child. As someone said " you are a man" so well dun give a damn...

Bye and end to all problems. "tomorrow will be a better day" quoted by Pink Tulip. Ignorance is Bliss. Tolerance is all.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today i was prescribed with viral infections and stomach flu... but i think i got food poisoning as a result of taking in the wrong food... and now im still suffering from stomach and body pains... few days ago sneezed blood out and it was terrifying. Not been healthy lately and well had to take care of myself. Thanks to those who had constantly nagging me to go to see the doctor. Namely Yi Hueih, Jacq, Yu Hua and some others.... I din want to see actually n now i gotta lot of med to consume. Thanks for your love and care... T_T

Lately still facing blue faces from two classmates. I wonder how can they bear the look. I myself couldn't even bear doing it if i were to hate someone. Have an open-mind and knowing to accept will make me just well gone off. And this quote i got that goes something like " You like doesn't mean people like" refering to the gym. First of all, i play the role as a suggester only and i don't make the like it. =_= Kesian the way this is thought. I think she should have an more open mind a bit cos what we do is not necessarily what we think. I've heard this quote a number of times and i reflect the past and i can't seem to see in what sense im making ppl or force ppl do things.

Haiz ~ maintaining relationships is tough. When our intention was meant to be good, it was turned upside down. Can't they just think of a reason that WHY would i want to hurt them? or just make them uncomfortable?

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Story of a nutcase... emotions...  

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Once there was a nutcase who knew nothing of love. He always lived happily and well not much to worry also in life other than the struggles. Then got once he was suggested to chase a girl whom he never would wanted cos it's totally against what he wanted. Until just one day he felt touched and accidently fell in love... butterflies were flying i his stomach and often he floated hitting the ceiling till his head went nuts. Many attempts he made to woo the girl until the third time, luck is by his side... but not for long... things got ugly where one is impatient and the other...don't know what the problem is. Hearts were broken finally and ... and things never went right since then... the nutcase lost everything... love, confidence, friendship and all. It's not to say it's her fault but it was the nutcase fault for being unable to face the problems. Being too faithful and loving has it flaws. Someone advised to forget it cos it will be fruitless because of some decisions of life the nutcase made. Others said if you want her back, if you love her... you had to let go... boy that nutcase was confused... he never ask or more and only wanted love and emotional support and he lost it all. Now he thought of changing his mind about the decision in his life... He would if the girl would accept him back... will let go what he choose to be at the first place. The Ultimate sacrifice... he is willing to do it though the consequences may prove to be fatal... would it? God knows... What happens now is unknown... guy want to win back... girl would avoid, want to be close friends also uncertain since twice the nutcase failed and disappointed her. Guy really regretted and because of this his life went to a total messed up. He wishes he would not care but then he is already too attached. Everyday he would walk down the lane and glanced at his left hoping he would see her.. but it never happened. Nobody knows what the nutcase is thinking now... his hear is bleeding everyday. All he wanted was his friends back and support him in all aspects.... he is fighting a losing battle... dunno how long could he stand...On the other side, he just wishes the gal would still share and tell things so least he would feel " yes, we're still good friends and i can still care for her". There was no need to be with her, to grow old again if he and her would be happy like old friends... As for his friends... another battle that is not known what would happen. Everyday he would wear a mask to show his emotionless face. Sooner or later, he would break down... Dear God, i hope you would save his butt.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Think twice before you say 'I do'..
Before marriage.
Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage. Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage. . I die for you. . .
After marriage. "You die, up to you. " Lagi lama married. . You die I help you!

Before marriage. . You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. . . You go anywhere. . up to you. Lagi lama married. . . You go anywhere better get lost!!

Before wedding you are my heart, you are my love"
After wedding "you get on my nerves. "

Before wedding "you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella"
After wedding "you are worse than godzila"

Before wedding Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm stuck with you After wedding Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I will sue you

Before wedding Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding You want to go, he says you wait-la

Before wedding She looks like Anita Sarawak
After wedding Don't know whether katak or biawak

Before wedding Weekends at Cameron, Genting and Fraser's Hill
After wedding Furthest you go is Maxwell Hill

Before wedding He opens the car door
After wedding He opens his mouth and snores

Before wedding She / he was your ideal
After wedding She / he becomes your ordeal hehe...future hubbies...be careful...and future wives...be aware.......................!!

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1.香烟爱 上火柴,就注定被伤害。 

2.不要轻易说爱,许下的承诺就是欠下的债 ..!!

3.老鼠对猫说: 我爱你。.!
猫说:你走开..!老 鼠流了一滴眼泪走开了,
谁也没看见 ,老鼠走后,猫也流了一滴
泪.其实 有一种爱,叫做放弃。..!!
4 .打哪都行只要别打脸.. !!

5. 女人的烟都带着自己的伤口..!
没 有伤痕的女人不会爱上烟 ...!

6.一只风筝一辈 子只会为一根线冒险..!!


8. 在爱的世界里没有谁对不起谁,只有谁不懂得

9 .绑不住我的心,就不要说我花心..!
10 .叶子的离开,是因为风的追求,还 是树的不
11 .灰姑娘的爱情再美12之后,必定消失.. !

12.一个人不孤单 ,想一个人才孤单。..!

13 .这一生,遇不到彼此最寂寞。遇到了,还是

I like number three... sigh ~

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Oldies...Classics... best of golden hits...  

I love this songs... haha... i wish i was in that era... but that time no internet la...

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Dataran Merdeka...  

Was taking a trip to Masjid Jamek intending to go DBKL for the Okinawa Cultural concert which is painfully slow... While walking, me and a friend stumbled upon Dataran Merdeka where i don't know it was located just a few walks away and i was WoWeee... Happy!! that i come upon a new place again. Haha... it was well a beautiful place just unlucky that we went there at the wrong day.Sunday. The library was closed and inside got cartoon n art gallery which was a beauty. We only got to stare from the outside... sniff sniff. Again my usual self where i took a lot of self pics... well my friend Charlene took for me so thanks to her a lot.XD. Had my lunch at Sogo food court. Beef Lasagna... not really good compared to the one served at The Curve by whatchamacalit shop.. one tht i took part in cosplaying. Den had a freeze mocha which half an hour later make me wanna puke... must be the wrong fuse of food. That day was a tired one. Walked from home to Asia Jaya...thts far... Can say i have s lil wonderful day.. only wished my other friends were able to hang out and relax with me.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Artist: Smap
Title: Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana (A Flower Unlike Any Other in The World)
Words: Makihara Noriyuki
Music: Makihara Noriyuki

There's no need to be No. 1
you've always been a very special only one.

I saw many kinds of flowers lined up in front of the flowershop.
everyone has their favorite kinds but all of them are pretty.
Without competing to see which was the best among them,
they were standing straight up proudly inside the bucket.
So why then do we humans have to compare ourselves to one another?
Eventhough each and every person is different,
why do we want to be number one?
Yes we are each..

a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
We should focus all our efforts on trying to make that flower bloom.

There are people who are constantly unsure of what they want,
as they laugh a little put out.
It can't be helped, all those flowers,
that did everything they could to bloom, are pretty.
when at last that person comes out of the store,
they're holding a colorful bouquet
and I see them smiling happilly as they go by me.
I never knew their name but
that day they made me smile.

we too are like flowers that bloom in places where no one pays any attention.
Yes we too are each...

a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
We should focus all our efforts on trying to make that flower bloom.

Small flowers and big flowers, none are the same as one another.
There's no need to be No. 1
you've always been a very special only one.

*i once listen to this song often too in the morning like my sensai till i got bored of it. Now it is brought back again and well start living happily to have a new day going on. gambatte!!!

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Bazoo - Summer time  

I used to love this song when i was inmy secondary years... love it. though its thai...haha...

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Pink Tulip. . .  

Pink Tulip lie admist in a vast desert,
A lonely traveller in spots this flower,
enchanted by its sweetness and wishes to pluck it
but will it die when it is taken away?

Journey has been lonely for the traveller,
but he is sure he can take care of the tulip,
and let it lasts as long as it lives,
only unknowing if the tulip is willing to accompany...
the lonely journey of the traveller...

A lousy poem i wrote... haha...

If people thinks im very "jiwang"... well no im NOT!!!!

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很浪漫,也很感人 . . .  


This is a very touching love song that i come across though the video.. and the singer is not handsome at all...haha. Sigh ~ i once fell in love ( and still do)
with a person i chose not to before i really do. Shes not really what i seek and it is what i don't want most when i was young.. who knows love is really blind and i finally got addicted to her like a drug.Haha. I don't know if i should continue loving and waiting because to follow me will be a big challenge and sacrifice... i can make the sacrifice too but then... it was a hell lot bigger than hers and well a sin too personally. Life sometimes is a bit funny and irony... well since i have since some couples that have made the sacrifice and still happy... well why not i give it a try and wait if this so called "fruitless love" will eventually bear something... sigh ~ been hurt for a long time and guess i need to feel the pain for a few more years to earn a blessing.. will i? I dunno.. God, you tell me...

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celebrate harvest  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stumble upon this video and i like it a lot. chinese painting. Found a number of them too but i think this one is one of the best? Do look up for "sand animation" in youtube too. inpirational...!

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First time in Genting since 1997  

Yes i know i just being vain... >< hehe. It was my first time in Genting since 1997. I can say i have a great time taking pics since that is what i like doing most. Food was expensive... friends were em... okay? cos i was quiet most of the time. Was focusing on the environment and scenery most of the time. Got sick at night there though cos raindrops penetrated to me and i got awfully sick that night. It was freakin cold too... slept with three girls. Muahaha... Leong... i'm doing a threesome... ahem. Just joking.Oops... Best times i have perhaps is when i went to the large compound n took pics with the mists there. Didn't go to the theme cos it was raining. If only i have a good camera T_T...

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Get natural in Genting...  

Posted some of the pics i took that looks worthy enough to be here. I'm not a good photographer but i got passion tho. XD. Love the trees there...

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Buffet in Genting  

Sunday, October 28, 2007

That's what i ate In Genting.Loved the mutton and garlic saute wtih beef and the mashed potato. The indian food tastes great too and Sup tulang is perhaps one of the best around. Spicy and neat. The dessert was nothing special but still edible. Overall i give a 70% for the food i ate. HEHE

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Introducing Novel and Stanley  

Friday, October 19, 2007

Novel and Leong... at first i couldn't recognise him when i see him. He called me and i looked around to see who the hell it was and he's just right in front of me. Haha.. din see him bout 3 years plus. Leong my mentor in some senses...haha.. he's a great friend... i realise tht over the years... what we chatted are mostly sex, women and well crap?haha... but it was great dun with them and i laughed to tears. too bad metis and Ken can't come... else it wud be more fun!

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Introducing Sharen and Lina  

This was at Kiulap..with Sharen my dear buddy and Lina! whom i also liked. Was around kiulap that night walking around. Bored but we sat and have a ok chat tho... hav a yogurt gelato and well tastes ok and the shop around us looks haunted... dunno why brunei like that d. . .

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Days in Brunei during sem break : Out with ma godsis  

This two is actually my really distant cousins that i found out last year i think.Haha and had a great fun with them. Happy to have them as a godsis and cousin. The small one so cute lagi and looks jap.haha. Not much to play around in The Mall since Brunei is kinda boring there...lacks entertaiment.haha...but having them around is fun. ^_^

That pink one on the right is Si Xiang... freaky pumpkin!!! Usually called her pumpkin tho. thanks to her for comin out that day. ><

Here really want to thank God for giving me great cousins and godsis also. the Hii sisters been great and Ying Yueh who can't come sadly. but hope next year can go out again.XD

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One world - many wonders  

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This blog is written for my passion in travelling.I love to travel but then it's too bad im not born rich so i had to work hard to earn where i want to go.. or where can i afford to go. Theres a lot of places in this tiny world that are worth to visit. First on my mind is ...

Yeah a country which is quite choreographed in a sense that is a pretty organised country. Auspicious tea ceremonies and how thry greet people. Aren't they such polite people? Places that i would like to visit in Japan are like temples, hot sprinds, sunflower fields and anywhere that brings you a calm feeling.Food in japan is kinda boring? Cos well it's all sushi sushi and raw meat and fish. Have eaten a lot ady and i think i would spend more time eating those that are not yet discovered in asia. Shopping... nah~ nothing special to buy for guys but maybe some toys and oh yeah, Yukie Nishimura's album. Japanese girls are kawaii ne~ >< maybe got and get some to ahem at the Love hotel. Oops...~ jus joking. haha... It's a very expensive country too where a can of cola costs rm20 plus T_T...

I want some grapes from Perth and wanna go hug those koala bears. Heard that they poo a lot so better be careful. Sydney got a greenish night as i see in pictures and its quite a classy city to visit. Mind you all, the capital city of Aust. is not Sydney but Canberra. Theres no special food in Aussie and one of the reason im wanna be here is to buy the book " where's wally?" Sight-seeing may be romantic and the Ayers Rock could be some romantic place to see the sunset.

New Zealand
Eversince i watch Black Sheep... i was kinda worried if those sheeps would turn carnivores and bite humans. My love for sheeps turned off since i watch that movie T_T but still i wanna Go cos well they're sheeps there and Lord of the Rings was filmed there!!! The seaside is a beautiful place to be in New Zealand too and the green meadows. Oh theres the kiwi too.

Erm... i don't know why i like there but i love big fields and Mongolia got one...

This country wasn't in my mind till a friend said it was a romantic place to be. come to think of it, it reminds me of a video by Hitomi Yaida, Over the Distance. Indeed it's a beauty with white snows around and Bjork lives there. Heheh... It's quite isolated too... oh yeah, may go and hug some penguins too if got chance. Haha..

I love korean girls cos they're aggressive. Especially when they hit your head and scold you... that's so cute and sexy ( too much korean drama) Reasons i be there may be the historic places, parks and again food. i love cultural food..and i think korea has a lot of healthy foods especially those mushrooms.

There will only be one reason for be to go India. Food!!! That's all. I love curry ;p

Personally i romantic and beautiful place to be. Purple sunsets... Awwwwwwwwww

Lourve Museum and Effiel Tower here i come!!!

Italy, Spain, German
No idea whats there but well i heard there are great sausages in German and Spain is said to be the most romantic country in the world...

Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland?
I wanna try wear kilts and i love the music there. Celts... and my favourite movie... Highlander!!! There can only be one... the highlands are kinda spiritual there

Taiwan, Hong Kong
Food, Food, Food... imma eat only...

A country to large to explore but a must to be is Guilin... i love those mountains, rivers and blue lakes!!!

Middle East
Great food and music too!!! One of Sarah Brightman's album features a bit of Middle Eastern Music and its great

Not to forget my own country... well Malaysia got some beautiful islands and places like Frasier Hills, Mulu Island and Cameroon Highlands is a good place to be...

I seem to have named most places that many would love to go. Aha... But well factually i can only go to a few unless i won jackpot (keep on wishing... you never know) Dear God...><

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am i?  

You Are Apple Red

You're never one to take life too seriously, and because of it, you're a ton of fun.
And although you have a great sense of humor, you are never superficial.
Deep and caring, you do like to get to the core of people - to understand them well.
However, any probing you do is light hearted and fun, sometimes causing people to misjudge you.

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