Another day..  

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another day has gone by where i had to face sombre and hostile faces. First of all, i've ridden japanese assignment and these 3 days will go hardcore doing my literature assignments. Probably of all, this is the only subject i can perform well. How i wish i was balanced in some ways...

yesterday i lost my friends bicycle lock... ouch.. had to pay.. but luckily i didn't lost the bicycle itself else i had to pay a lot... T_T.

Just ate cucur bawang and udang for lunch. Been waiting for the stall till i give up months ago and wowee its there! at last!

I don't know if i am to be happy or unhappy lately. Still i had to fight and i receive... factually lack of cheers or support. Makes me senseless sometimes or perhaps im too sensitive? As if i commited a world sin. Personally i managed to give them support n signs of respect tho i dislike them but yet ...

Try not mind this a lot. Wish i could chat with that someone now but can't always find and disturb ppl rite? Somethings got to go... got to let go and all... and im so stubborn? Perhaps my absence in her world would make her happier... sigh ~

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