Day two: morning in muar  

Monday, September 29, 2008

Waking up reluctantly in the morning. And again that bitch jumped on me. Had our breakfast at the town in a street called "tan chi jie" translated literally "greedy eater" We had wanton mee which is delicious compared to any that i tasted in Pj and we also felt deceived with the "bird nest" drink. tastes more like luo han guo. but 70 cents nia wor... what do you expect? After the fulfilling breakfast we went to Tanjong playing monkeys. Nah, just observing them. Its another part of tanjung tho.quite deserted. when we feed the monkeys, a whole lot came later and it reminded me of the scene form the classic "the omen". Ouch. And off we go to out next destination. Malacca !!!

Wanton mee: 80/100
Bird nest: 75/200. Tho deceived but the price bought me.
Monkeys: 60/100 nothing much there tho.

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Muar Night one  

Arrived quite late in Muar that saturday due to the old junkie slow car my driving.Hehe.We're slow by an hour i guess but well it's better than no car at all.>< Our first stop was Kia Huey's house and we gonna spend our nights there. It was decent but there's a bitch there that got attracted to me. Yes. A bitch named Lulu. Small and her smell sorta makes me sneeze. Maybe i got allergic. Our first eat out was at a very distant place. Had seafood and it sure is very cheap.Then we went to this place called Tanjung where a lot of couples went there and nutcases. There a lousy pasar malam too operated mostly by the malays. Nothing much to eat except clothes and more clothes. Scenery was okay but i like the river view. The only thing it lacks is lights. Well can't expect much from a small town.

Marks for the food: 78/100
Marks for the scenery: 40/100. It's boring.

I also realized that i didn't bring my towel that night T_T boohoo

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Where are we going?  

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeap.A lot to blog about it but no at this nite.Tired and sleepy. ><

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Introducing Li Zhao  

Yeap. Introducing Li Zhao this time. Over these years this lady never failed to make me smile and i respect and adore her fully as a "ta jie" Latest pics taken at Kayu in Chow Yang where she treated me Banana Lassy or yogurt drink. Love the sourish flavour. I wanna thank her for all the smiles she gave me and some words she said that touched me last year on her birthday when i was in my most depressed periods. "wo de shen ri shi yao zhu Louis ke yi tian tian the kai xin". Translated: My birthday wish is too wish Louis to be happy everyday. Well i know thats not her true birthday wish but as those extras but i appreciate it a lot. ^^

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Took these pics when im loitering around One U. and thanks to Su Lin for the donuts.XD

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

this was a trip in Genting watching DREAMZ sometime ago together with Cindy, Mei Ling, CC and me. I had a great time there except the night where i had to suffer a severe headache that i can't even walk properly. No pictures of Dreamz cos we're not allowed to take so. It was just a some kinda magic show with semi naked women dancing around and albino tiger n lion. Lucky us that we got the very front seat and also incase the tiger went amok... we might be the first victim. Imagine "Utar students bitten by white tiger". touch wood. tht was ages ago then. I had a chance to perform in front too. Its where four guys seat one each other laps n den thy take off the chairs. den cc got invited by one of the clown to dance n cindy almost got kissed by some italiano. haha. din get much sleep that night. was painfully nappin at starbucks too. To round off, i gotta thank Cindy a lot for inviting me up.

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