Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today i was prescribed with viral infections and stomach flu... but i think i got food poisoning as a result of taking in the wrong food... and now im still suffering from stomach and body pains... few days ago sneezed blood out and it was terrifying. Not been healthy lately and well had to take care of myself. Thanks to those who had constantly nagging me to go to see the doctor. Namely Yi Hueih, Jacq, Yu Hua and some others.... I din want to see actually n now i gotta lot of med to consume. Thanks for your love and care... T_T

Lately still facing blue faces from two classmates. I wonder how can they bear the look. I myself couldn't even bear doing it if i were to hate someone. Have an open-mind and knowing to accept will make me just well gone off. And this quote i got that goes something like " You like doesn't mean people like" refering to the gym. First of all, i play the role as a suggester only and i don't make the like it. =_= Kesian the way this is thought. I think she should have an more open mind a bit cos what we do is not necessarily what we think. I've heard this quote a number of times and i reflect the past and i can't seem to see in what sense im making ppl or force ppl do things.

Haiz ~ maintaining relationships is tough. When our intention was meant to be good, it was turned upside down. Can't they just think of a reason that WHY would i want to hurt them? or just make them uncomfortable?

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