Old Asia  

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just ended my exams today finishing a 2.5 hour exam in 45 minutes and the most relieving one is that i passed Japanese. Was overjoyed with that and im starting to be optimistic and be planning well ahead. Had to be well disclipined with my future schedule since i wud be (hopefully) getting a part time job.

Yesterday went to Old Asia in One Utama, and had a cold dessert. Quite expensive and well... give it 70 percent. Soursoup dessert. That's all i had there then go jalan jalan around taking pics with christmas trees.

In a few weeks semester will be opening soon.Yay! and Ou!. . . dun knw how life wud be but i know for sure i'll be busy a lot. 6 subjects with a thesis to prepare and a job to handle. Aza Aza Fighting! ><

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