Secret Recipe Attack  

Sunday, December 9, 2007

10th december 2007 , Secret Recipe. Left home with Mandy to SS2 at 7.05, reach about 7.30 and we queue there till 10 am for the shop to open. Well we're not the early birds cos there is 3 uncle and aunty that were much more earlier than us. Haha. Didn't took my breakfast b4 i went so i was starving till 12 pm where i bought a curry puff where it was once featured in Ho Chak. Anyway we bought Raspberry cheese and Cappuccino Cheese. Great. We had a hard time slicing the cake at first... wish there was a huge protracter tho XD

Yeah. Next time they give free cakes could be in the next decade. So guess we're kinda lucky to be there this year.

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