Genting 4-5th January 2008  

Saturday, January 5, 2008

It was a great time.We have Yu Hua, Cindy, Vianna, Yong Wei and her bf, Charine and her bf, Yi Hueih, Matthew, Seok Ping, Sze Sze, Victor and Samantha. It was a great fun that day but in the morning everyone was pissed tho. The tickets we got were wrong with the dates and its scheduled on December 24th 2008. WTH... and so we waitied for a hour plus before we depart again. CIndy was quite pissed when she found out and her memorable quote was "Macam mana? Macam mana?" with so much fury but yet with a sweet tone.XD

Hopping around the outdoor theme park were Me, Cin, Vianna, Sze Sze and Yu Hua who become our photographer through out. Played a lot of games and most were OMG to me. Best Screamer goes to Vianna especially when she was on Space Shot the tower screaming "**************". Well i hope Vianna jie had her day since she was free now. ^^ Jia you o V Jie! Scariest Scream goes to myself... man those unexpected turns really had me nuts. Victor said i screamed like "starting an engine" - "ah! ah! aah! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Dear Lord. Some moments i felt like im gonna die and i can guess how suicide would feel. Dropping down... I thought death as a solution before but lucky i didn't do it since i live on the 5th floor. Those deadly turns makes me thrilled and scared and plus happy. Screaming out my sorrows, screaming out my fears and screaming at someone...Hehe.I didn't play Space Shot... scared me a lot.

Pirate ship was first round where it wasn't hardcore enough. Got stuck with Sze Sze where she held each other tight. >< Made recordings. Vianna and Victor got extremely High and Yu Hua i guess shes like nothing cos she wasn't screamin out loud.

Then next game was some spaceship which was kiddo stuff where we turn round and round. We played the Spinner twice where the seats are dangling. Scary and wow it feels like some giant gonna swing you somewhere. My hands went numb then. The there was the Cyclone where i screamed like hell as quoted from Cindy. The ride was like you suddenly drop and got picked up again. Probably one that got me screamed like shit. Tears rolled afer the ride. >< We also hit on the Go Kart which i tot i can't handle since i got a fear in driving but afterall it was quite a bore. Flying dragon was fun too with sudden 90 degree turns. Don't remember what else i play. Yeah there was also the Mine train which i think the design was not good cos if you raise ur hand it will be gone... too low in the tunnel. The indoor games was soso. I like the roller coaster. Played twice but i got a serious muscle sprain. i can't move after the second ride. Seriously in pain. Outdoor games had slight pains but that one indoor was hell. Can't even join the bumper sadly...

Last ride was this 4D thingy... and after that i gotta go for some Yu Hua would join more if there is a next time ya. ^^ Other mates played indoors while Yong Wei and her Bf just walk around. Samantha was in the room sleeping most of the times. Yi Hueih and Seok Ping played the SPiderman thingy. Salute them both for having the guts. Haha..

At night i spend my time resting and playing cards with some of them. Slept about 1.30... headache... ><

On our way Back w matt, ping n hueih. We went nuts waving to every cable car that passes by. Some did wave back. Haha...Oh yeah hardcore players go to Victor and Vianna who got stuck repeating the rides... Man i salute em for the guts.

Well guess that was it. Hope for another trip like this. Thanks to all...

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