Starless Night  

Friday, September 14, 2007

Starless Night, got the name from a song played by Glay which is my fav band! Yeah GLAY ROCKS!Haha but many don't approve it cos it sounds a bit like GAY but i dun care anyway as long as i like it. Adding the word Night it becomes STARLESS NIGHT which i accidently composed it refering to the many nights where i don't see stars at all.Many people are fascinated by the beauty of stars... the twinkling effect perhaps and just so happen i like the song "twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are, up above the sky so high like an angel in the sky" and it reminds me a story about Caroline where i compose it in form 5.Cried when i compose the story and it seems that i lost that beautiful story of mine... but the story is still in my heart though. Not a love story well it is love between a godbro and sis relationship. Sad ending but the effect is there.Tears coming out indeed. And i los my touch in writing a very long time ago.HOW SAD! Anyway back to the stars... why are stars so...fascinating? Many used it in poetry and sort of worship it. I gaze to the night sky and think ... and the bloody mosquito juz suck my blood.Shito...Prefer the moon.Hm~an inspiration juz come in...lets see...

Oh Moon, Oh Moon
The goddess of the night,
Shining a hope to every lost traveller,
The stars like angels twinkling in the sky,
Bringing joy to the sad traveller.

WOW! Can't believe i just wrote that...come to think of it i've written a lot of poems but never kept them. Just write and let it wonder on the floor swept away by the Makcik...T-T..aiyo...who knows limpeh can win a Nobel Prize in Literature.Haha..T_T AHEM! Back to the star and moon thingy...the proposed shaped of the star strangely attracts girls and i wonder why and it function as a sign of success also.Hm~ maybe i should stick glow in the dark stars on my ceiling so have hav endless nights featuring green stars. Talking bout stars it reminds me of a friend in ELT.Liz...why ah? Oh yeah, her pencil box got star patterns.haha...Well i remember i used to make those little paper stars and gave to everyone in class... come to think of it i'm a bit childish le... but now i'll be doing it once more perhaps...well guess thats the... END OF TODAYS BLOG!

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