Poem to a lost friend/lover  

Friday, September 14, 2007

Poem to a lost friend/lover...

O beautiful maiden where are you?
I remember once when we were young,
Running around at the playground,
Chasing you, and you chasing me.

Till one day we had to part,
to a place unknown and
to where i don't care
for i'm only eleven.

Not knowing what is love,
or even friendship,
for these things are nothing,
to a silly child like me.

A decade walks away and now,
so suddenly i dreamt of you,
and remembered the first time,
the first time we kissed.

A memory once lost,
and remembered once again.
for what reasons i don't know,
but i realized i missed you.

Days and nights passed,
you still visit my dreams...
Have you went to heaven?
Or will you come back again?

Will you still remember me?
For i do and i just realized
you are precious to me
like a lollipop to a young boy.

If we were to meet again,
you will be the second happiest person,
and i will the happiest person in the world.
For now i realized i'm in love with you...

Composed in less than 30 minutes, inspired by my weird dreams,past and experience. Dedicated to someone i once known. Hoping to see her once again..but knowing it will never come true. Just wishing her a happy and joyful life... for i know how hard her life must have been.

With tears and prayers,
Jau Yn.

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