Shabu Shabu  

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Japanese Steamboat at Shabu Shabu King...! The group photo on the left compromises my housemates- Hu xian ( psycho student ), Shu Lin d birthday gal ( resembles the cartoon character Olive , Popoye's girlfriend by a staggering 80 percent ), Ken Win ( former housemate who tagged along ), De You ( our driver and main organiser), Kia Huey ( Utar Idol Champion who sings like Mariah and she just sings and sings and yada yaday ), Me... who ate a lot and puked a lot, Fung ( can't eat much due to allegry to seafood), Wei min aka Lin Jun Jie the birthday boy and his girlfriend.

Photo on top left is De you slanted and the right is wow... that's a big dramatic bite.

The food there....erm... a lot to eat ... favourites perhaps the yam and seafood. Tiramisu and some junk food. Yeah its a great night where i puke as usual for eating too much and cos i had to take in the leftovers....

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