Religion vs Insurance  

Friday, September 14, 2007

Juz remembered wht Mr Derbyshire say during one of our ELT classes... religion in a way is like buying an insurance for life. Come to think of it is like buying insurance in a way... we worship this God and that God... so many versions of God but yet the problem is which "insurance" is better?Sometimes i wonder why we or maybe juz me hav to bear the burden of making decisions. All of us worship the God for the same purpose...blessings in life..but yet some are doubted with different ideologies.That's me lor... Looked through a number of insurance and finally got a better insurance..haha..ahem..but too many terms and conditions.However it's fair and necessary.Oh God...when will i strike jackpot? Or will i ever? is all in my mind...not that i am money minded but i need it! To help lessen burdens...maybe my time notchet come....

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