The many names of Louis  

Friday, September 14, 2007

The many names of Louis....
In today's blog i'll be listing out the names ppl have called me over the years which i find some amusing,irritating,annoying and some...nice.Well here's a list as far as i could remember.

Boyboy- before i got my christian name Louis...

Lowik- pronouned by an aunt of mine.

Louie- correct pronounciation..only Cindy and Wafie called me tht.

Louis- new friends and most of my friends lo...

Lou- called by Bar where her full name is Barizah..hehe..

Brother Lou- Melissa called me tht and i like ppl calling me
Brother Lou...makes me feel like someone powerful haha..

Rabbit teeth-By Aziz and some Smmgies..due to my tiger teeth

Si Panjang- by Elbert Tee aka King Kong.

Chao ren(superman)- by my tuition teacher who finds difficulty in pronouncing my chinese name "zhao Yin"

chang ying (fly)- some ppl teased me but i knw a ger called Miss Fly too..haha..

lau ying (old yn'eagle)- started by who i dunno..Alisa liew is tht last person who called me tht juz a few months ago...

Ah Yin- by Khalid and i hate it most as it sounds like a girl

Wong Jau - by my indian physics teacher...T_T

Wong - by smmgies

Wong Wong - a repetition by some idiots

Wong Fei Hong - by smmgies..

Course rep- by some of my EL classmates who don't know my name kua..

Louiseeeee - by someone who wants me to do them a favour..haha..

ko(h)(meaning brother) - by my dear godsisters where i love them for calling me tht.

Jau Yn(in chinese as well)- by my old friends.d only one who called me Jau Yn in English is Hidayat.

Louis wong son of Philip Wong - by Kuan Wee Leong..yes i mentioning your name there..haha...

Daddy - By Jun Jun, a dear friend who somehow think i got the fatherly figure feel.

****** - adeler...haha...

That's it!

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