Friday, September 14, 2007

Haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry which i found it last year. Very interesting and i can be a haiku composer...haha.Haiku poems are also beautiful...if u know how to appreciate of course! Well below i'll post some haiku from the internet giving credits to those who composed it.By the way, Haiku normally have three lines only ya...

Green frog,
Is your body also
freshly painted?

An old pond!
A frog jumps in-
The sound of water.

The first soft snow!
Enough to bend the leaves
Of the jonquil low.

Covered with the flowers,
Instantly I'd like to die
In this dream of ours!

Right at my feet -
and when did you get here,

I kill an ant
and realize my three children
have been watching.

After reading all these Haiku...it seems to create a big picture with details with only 3 lines. Very powerful imagry.Let me try one...

Looking over the horizon,
A light creeps out-
Sun rises...

Hm~ not bad eh...

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