penang lobak  

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Had penang lobak just now with my housemates who came back to sit supp. I l o v e it. ate this yam in fu chuk wrap n yam cake. the sauce was decent too XD

It's mothers day today too. second time i din manage to go back when i should be... Miss a lot of food. pineapple pork ribs, fried shark fin, sea cucumber and deep fried prawns. and the soups... XD

Anyway recently im happy calm. ^^ stress will start again when semester starts. :(

Read from NST that a girl died of infection in the national service too. 18 years old and i was deeply hurt on what happened to her. It's no use regrading what the govt will do cos a happiness just left from everyone who knew that girl... forever. Somemore it's not the first time as well :s.. sigh...

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