LoNeLiNeSs vs SoLiTuDe  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Was hopping around Mei Lin's aka Chivalry Amulet friendster and i come across this photo with a tree standing alone there... well arent all trees lonely? I love the photo tho and i took one similar... to a certain extent. Her's was taken at her condo and mine was just behind PC block.She name her pic loneliness and mine solitude.What's so special bout the pic? Dunno how to explain but well maybe people who knows how to appreciate will know its specialness. My tree look dead and gloomy tho. Haha... i remembered a pic my geo teacher took when she was in India. I large dead tree in the middle of a wet field... something like that... oh i so much want that photo. Hehe...

Aren't all trees strong?
With their roots held deep in the soil,
enduring the glaring sun, the heavy wind,the teary rains...

Aren't all tress lonely?
Unless a bird my stop by and nest
or beetles may dwell there starting a family...

Blek >< ... lost my poetic skills... didn't write one for a long time ~

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