Another day gone by...  

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm going to sleep early tonight. No reasons. Maybe just want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Rest well and be well. Last night i was at True Fitness. It was an awful night. Well found out that im overweight. And it turns that i do not need to lose weight but i need to lose FAT. F-A-T. God knows how my tummy looks like. A blob. I tot of snapping a pic of my tummy n post it here... but then. I think no one would visit this blog again if they saw that monster. That "tayar" as my housemate said. T_T.

I saw a glitter graphic from a frens friendster. In life we need certain things to survive. Food, water, air... friends.* rolls my brain* add love too.

Think i may go vegetarian lately. For a short term till i get my shape back. had my hair cut last weekend too. waited an hour. den i got the same hair stylist. her skirt is short and wow.XD

Academics. The pain not started yet. But i had my impromptu speech graded. Responsibility. That word so suits my position. =_= srt of flunk it when i stuck halfway. T_T 2 MINUTES ONLY!!!

Signing off now. Rather tired today...

Nothing new in life. Been trying to be happy and strong. ^^

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