Last Day of Class  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This was one month ago. Been busy and tired to upload my pics and blog some crap out of it. Well that's just it. Had a fun time at starbucks and alter ate at fireman. Time just moved so fast. SO many pains and tears i had through during my time in UTAR. I couldn't say it's the best or worst time but surely, im not really happy with my "life" there... or do i really have a life? People are so full of ego, hypocrites and so... and soo... finally im outta there. There is only a handful of memories that i have that i can treasure the rest... forgetting them slowly. I remembered how i used to be moody and sad often. Goin home is like goin to hell. Thank god that i got a part time job that lasted for 6 months to keep my mood occupied. At the same time, i matured and developed a new skill and expertise? Wine. Haha.. Thank you Denise The Wine Shop. I learned a lot there.

Now im working at Cyberjaya. Yes the pressure is more intense. More stressful. But i am able to enjoy it more better. Just go there, work, do my best and leave that day happy. Night time is my free time from now on.. except that these few week i had to study for my work but after a while, i should be fine. THo travelling home is another hell... 2 hours... fuck. but well.... that's life. Dun plan to move there tho...

and so here ends my story...

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