Happy memories, good old days  

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wira suddenly posted these photos on facebook and i got him to send to me. Taken when i was in Upper six GP class.I teared a bit when i look at these photos. It was probably the best times i ever had. Laughters till your tears flow and the word unhappiness didn't exist in my dictionary then. It was a great time. Another was when we had a lunch with Dr Sunil at Tenaga restaurant. Indian food. It rOcks that time. Rawrrrrrrrr. Wira and Dan was in UK now, Sharen in UBD and Faisal in Brunei still. Im stuck in KL and had not been home since late last year. Heard from Wira that he be coming to KL with Dan around August. YES!!!!!! I be waiting that moment to chill out with e. It would be great if Sharen and Fai would come along. I wish them well now and a smooth journey ahead. I really miss laughinh wildly :(. I miss fun, i miss everything great. Saturday morning and i be havin my next exam and tuesday.

Two thoughts creeped into my mind now. It leads me confusion to what should i do... it's a bit annoying and undecided... but maybe i still let time decide...miss d old days

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