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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unhappy today

Angry today

Pissed off.

No one is around for me today. Felt....

Headache still here.

Hand in assignment le but still worried bout some other assignments still $ of them.

Angry with this debu-bitch.Thinking that animal is so geng. Only know how to bully bully bully.

Why didn't i fight back? Voice back?


How can i bear more? Today when talking i can even felt the sharpness in my voice.

Evenhough im dead tired and busy, i still cared. But i didn't even get a sms :( sad.

headache. But i still stay put. Don't care. Just let the pain go bombom in me.

Had a lousy meal. Looked at my tummy. go die la.

Might go hunger strike for a week plus or so.

Depression. Thinking too much.

Why do i always end up with rubbish?

Had a bad day. got honked again. Almost went straight face to face with a vehicle. I lost my senses a lot. . .

Mum, dad. Miss you. T_T

Brunei, i wish i could go back but den again, its not goin to be a place that i may be happy with. The bad memories. I'll go back there one day. Work. Earn. Back to Msia again.

Going to graduate soon. Happy and yet sad.

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